AAH!! Zanzolo

May 12 is a very depressing day for the nation. We mark the death of King Hintsa in 1835 AA H! Zanzolo, son of KHawuta, grandson of King Phalo kaNkosiyamntu kaMalangana kaXhosa. Sir Harry Smith has this Great man’s blood on his hands. As governor of the British Kaffraria based in King Williams Town made a deal with the king where he was fined 50 000 herd of cattle and had to instruct all Xhosa chiefs to stop attacking the British. Hintsa was held prisoner until these things happen. He smuggled instruction to his military commander Maqoma  in Fort Beaufort to instead hide the said cattle. While speeding off from captivity he was shot in the leg, but continued to run, he got into water and pleaded for mercy but none was given, shot in the head and died. His skull was presented to the queen as a trophy; the beads around it, the ear, some teeth are missing because they were taken as mementos by the British troops on the crime scene. These are the people who still call us barbaric.

 Lala ngoxolo mzukulwana kaGcaleka unyana kaPhalo, lala ngoxolo Tshawe lamaTshawe, isizwe siyalila siyagixa, siseseludakeni nanamhlanje, ewe nazama nina akwalunga, sakhululeka thina kodwa sibophekile, niguquke ngexesha lenu nijonge ngapha, nisibonelele nisinqandele. Indoda idliwa yinja yayo. Umalusi uqusha umhlambi ziyaphela iigusha, iinkomo ke zona zeemka kudala. Nibaxelele ooMaqoma siyabakhumbula, nimazise noyise wesizwe ukuba sihamba ze. Ilizwe limbatshile akuni nemvula. Oh! Ndakuhlupha kangaka uzilalele, bendizekuthi nje siyakukhahlela siyakukhumbula siyakuthanda


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