What Amava Heritage Publishing Does

Amava Heritage Publishing (PTY) LTD operates in two professional spheres – Publishing and Communication Consultancy Services.

The Publishing arm is into the cultural, traditional and royal authority sphere. It is all about reclaiming our heritage as black people by researching, packaging, debating and publishing our life stories. Stories that tell of our economy, our justice system, our governance structures and our heroes. Stories that prove there was life before the colonial invasion, before we were forcibly turned slaves, before we lost our self-worth, before we were made second class citizens, forced to be employees of white masters, before we lost the land, before we were forced to sell our souls for a plate of food. We want our children to be able to use this knowledge to understand and form a context of why things are like this today and what to fix in order to create a better tomorrow.

The Communication Consultancy Services provides expert and/or strategic advice on Corporate Communications and related services to decision makers.


  1. Research of Heritage material
  2. Publishing of Heritage material, in Print and/or Digital Medium and Audio-Visual etc.
  3. Marketing of Heritage material
  4. Repository of indigenous knowledge
  5. Forming Strategic Relationships with Value Adding Stakeholders
  6. Learning Center for Heritage material
  7. Activity Center for Heritage material
  8. Debate Center for Heritage related topics and books
  9. Launch Center for Heritage books
  10. Reference Center for Heritage material
  11. Centre for harnessing Oral Heritage material

Communication Consultancy Services

  • Research
  • Strategies
  • Set-up



We cater for:

• ImiGidi
• ImiTshato
• ImiCimbi
• Birthdays
• ImiNgcwabo
• UTyhilo-matye
• Thanks-giving ceremonies
• Grad Parties

We offer: Equipment

• Tents
• Chairs
• Trifold tables
• Table cloths
• Plates
• Coffee mugs
• Glasses
• Spoons
• Teaspoons
• Forks
• Table knives
• Kettles
• Gas stove
• Big enamel Dishes
• Pots
• Water jugs
• Mattresses
• Human resource for traditional and western catering services
• Mobile Kitchen
• Mobile fridge
• 3Metre Trailer
• Meat hanging steel holders
• Meat cutting machine
• Security
• Fencing
• Projector
• PA system
• Program design and print
• Mattresses and sheets
• VIP sofas (leather)
• Draping and décor
• Water cooler
• Ice machine

Traditional equipment

• IFatyi/umPhanda
• IiMbiza zesiXhosa
• iBakpoti
• AmamZamiso amakhulu
• IsiHluzo sotywala
• ICephe lokukha utywala
• AmaBhoso amakhulu
• AmaZembe
• ISarha (electric)

Children’s parties

• Small tables
• Small Chairs
• Plastic plates
• Plastic glasses
• Face paintings
• Clown hire
• Decorated hats
• Jumping Castle
• Water Slide
• Slides