Maqoma – The Legend of a Great Xhosa Warrior

Thatha Films PTY-LTD, seeks to produce a film that showcase story of Maqoma. The following video is a documentary about the repatriation of Maqoma from Robben Island to Ntaba ka Ndoda in the Eastern Cape. A man who meets the British Imperialists for the first time on the land of amaRharhabe in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. He defends his nation against colonialism, land invasion, and conquest. Over the next 30 years and leads his fellow countrymen to victory in three major wars of the nine frountier wars against the British, but they are determined to hunt him down and kill him. Maqoma’s story deserves to be told and a film is the best suitable form of expression to educate about this history. #Please help us fund the making of Maqoma Film.

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